Monday, February 6, 2012

Moo, Moo Mrs. Cow

One of my Christmas gifts was a Saturday workshop in January at Alabama Art Supply with local artist, Amy Collins.  The week of the workshop, my daughter Anna was hospitalized with a shunt malfunction and dangerously low sodium.  They did surgery to revise the shunt and corrected the sodium, but she was at Children's for a whole week.  David insisted that I not miss the workshop, so he stayed with her for the day.  Thank you, dear.

I love Amy's work.  I had admired her cows at the Bluff Park art show in the fall so I really wanted to go home with my own cow.   The focus of the day was painting on a black ground.  I love the look it gives.   She's a Polled Hereford, like my daddy raised.  Amy encouraged us to isolate the colors and be faithful in matching them.  Thus the blue shadows on her face.  It felt scary at the time, but does really seem to work.

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